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Salvage Building Materials
573 Angliana Avenue
Lexington, KY 40508
(859) 255-4700

Salvage Building Materials sells discount building materials, cabinets, laminate, moulding, vanities, marble tops, and other interior items. Our warehouse is over 50,000sqft, 1000+ in-stock cabinets, and 500+ vanities on the floor.




Bars are shipped from the factory to Lexington, Kentucky. From Kentucky, they are distributed via www.fl7lh0g8.cnmon carrier to the customer.

All bars www.fl7lh0g8.cne packaged on their pallet at the factory ready for the customer. Bars are not available for unpacking in Kentucky. This is due to the nature of the packing and the foam. Once the bar is sealed in the box, the box is destroyed when open and the foam torn away.

Currently, as of 12/15/08, a 60″ Canterbury is available on display. If a bar is listed as in-stock, it is in Lexington, Kentucky and available for shipping within 24-72 hours.

If a bar is ordered, it will be produced at the factory overseas and take 1-3 months in construction and 1-2 months for container shipping – for a total time of 3-6 months. Our factory is American-owned and uses foreign labor. If you would like to purchase an all-American constructed bar, please visit the other sites selling less-detailed and simple designs. Labor heavy and time-intensive projects are rarely American-made today.

All in-store purchases/pickups are subject to KY sales tax of 6%. Website purchases are not taxed and you are responsible to report and pay any tax to your state/local jurisdiction, if required.